Our Company
Our company deals with the production and sale of the main varieties of pear grown in Emilia Romagna. For forty years we have used state-of-the-art technologies for pear preservation and packaging. We can store as much as 15000 tons per year, thanks to our two cold-stores located in an area of about 40.000 square metres, which includes a covered surface of 15.000 square meters.0
Establishment of Gallo di Poggio Renatico (FE)
Establishment of Bentivoglio (BO)
Products & Producers
our fruits are grown in the most qualified area for the production of the typical Emilian pear and our farmers, organized into producers' associations, are located over an area of 40 ha.
Our healthy fruits, with their excellent characteristics and savour, are the result of our producers' daily commitment and passionate dedication to pear-growing. Fruits are rigorously hand-picked, one by one. This process together with the further meticulous selection and quality controls carried out at our facility during all the production and packaging phases ensure safe high quality products, which distinguish themselves on both the national and foreign markets.
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