Services dedicated to our associated farmers

- Technical assistance by technicians specialized in integrated pest control, during all the phases of cultivation, in order to ensure healthy and tasty products, protecting both consumers and the environment, avoiding useless waste of resources and the use of unnecessary products.

- Assistance in the planning of production and the obtainment of funds for new investments, in order to support farmers in following the path that we have traced in many years of experience.

- Assistance in the management of the administrative aspects and paperwork

Services carried out at our facility

- Use of state-of-the-art technology for fruit calibration and selection.

- Innovative technology for product preservation, which allows to improve product shelf life, with unexpected results.

- Highly qualified personnel specialized in packaging

  • - Product traceability system and continuous quality controls, thanks to the use of a Global G.A.P. certified company quality system

- Logistics and distribution service

Additional services

In addition to all these services it is important to stress our concern about innovative packaging, as well as our initiatives and support to promote the brand and the supply continuity guarantee... That's why working with us is the best way to help your business grow.